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Looks like a lot of good info on equipment to record your tracks.  I always wanted to make professional recordings, but had no idea where to start to put a studio together.  I’ve been recording my piano playing on my phone, and let’s say, it’s been undesirable.  It’s great to know I can go in and get some of these items for under $500, and put together something great.  Thank you!  RhondaLeigh

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JoeHandigr commented on MUSIC 101 for CHILDREN

I’ve always wanted to be able to play without having to look at the music sheets, copying someone else’s work, hearing how great their music sounds.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great practice, but with this information you have motivated me to just let myself go and listen to the music that is created as a product of that.

I’ll still use the sheet music when I want to hear something I like to play, but I’ll try to go by the sound a lot more.

Thanks for sharing this information with me, I’m sure others appreciate it as well.

Britney commented on MUSIC 101 for CHILDREN

I don’t know a lot about sheet music, but what I do know is it’s a great way for beginners to learn how to play that may not be “ear-trained”. The funny thing is, I knew someone who did both. Sometimes, he’d play the piano following the notes and other times, he’d just freestyle and play what sounded good to him. So I think hearing and reading can both be done simultaneously. 

Thanks for sharing!

Enrique Vanegas commented on MUSIC 101 for CHILDREN

Thank you for your very interesting article: Music Lessons for Children-Lear to play by Ear. Which is more important for a piano student to learn, reading music or playing by ear? For most children their first experience with music  is singing a simple song, like Mary Had a Little Lamb. How did they learn this song? By ear. They heard it until they were able to memorize a series of sounds and they use their vocal chords to reproduce those sounds. When a student begins to play, there is no need to ask them to memorize note names and positions on the staff, before they learn to play any songs. For a beginning pianist, listening and imitating are the best way to acquire a song.

My feeling is that, in time, a piano student will choose a preferred method of learning new music. Some may come to rely so much on sight-reading that they can´t play by ear. Others will struggle with sight reading so much that they have to hear and memorize a song in order to play it. Relying too heavily on one skill may prevent the other from developing. So, in conclusion, you´re quite right. The key is to gently encourage the development of both skills, at the right stages, for well-rounded musicianship.


Thanks for your post. It reminded me of my father. He was a pretty good sight reader, though he typically just used lead sheets–as I do, now–and he was a very good play-by-ear kind of guy. He could also, on the fly, just change the key of a song he was playing, either to suit himself or the person he was accompanying. (He had done this with my wife, on the Fats Waller song, “Black and Blue.”) I don’t have what you’ve called the “audio memory” that my dad had, but as a novice player, I do have an appreciation for the process that he went through. My dad passed away twelve years ago. Thanks for helping me to remember him.

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Henry commented on MUSIC 101 for CHILDREN
I like your approach! Yeah, I agree reading is necessary. And it’s expected, in certain circles. But playing by ear also seems to fuel creativity in a very distinctive way. I think both are necessary. But I hadn’t heard of a music teacher being an advocate of playing by ear. I also guess what you explained about teachers and reading is true

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