The top 10% of successful musicians have great ears.  They hear “deeply“.  Musicians that understand what they are hearing don’t hunt and peck notes on their instrument, but are directed by what they internally feel is correct.   Pitches are connected to harmonic and melodic structures.  Internalizing the correct pitch is a valuable tool that unlocks your creativity.

Piano tuning starts with determining a foundational pitch.  A foundational pitch is the reference note that determines where all the other notes should be tuned to so that they all relate musically.

The “standard pitch” used in U.S. is: “A = 440 hertz”.   An orchestra tunes to this “A” before embarking on playing a program selection.  Retuning their instruments as the continue onto the next piece.

A piano needs to be tuned periodically.  The physical strings in a piano will degrade in pitch over time.

This degrading of pitch is not apparent to most piano owners, until the instrument cries, “help me”.   Well informed piano owners will schedule several tunings throughout the year to protect their investment.

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